Net Zero Energy Calculation

Here are our current statistics for our Net-Zero Energy House.  During the time period, we had 7 occupants in the house, and during two of these months, we had between 10 and 12 people occupying the house as we hosted two families.  In addition, a home office with two computer servers running 24/7 added to the electricity usage not normally associated with a residence, as we estimate a 2500kWh annual consumption on these two computer servers.

Electricity – From March 17 2011 to March 19 2012 – 27536kWh of usage, from PowerStream’s utility bill.

Gas – From construction to March 29 2012 – 282m³ of natural gas, converting to 3062kWh, with about 1/3 of which was used for “burning in” of the fireplace.

Total Energy Consumption – less than 30,600kWh consumed in the first year of occupancy.

Electricity Generated – Our 34kW system should generate the 30,600kWh that we consumed in the first year of occupancy.  Generation started on May 5th, 2012, and as of March 11th, 2013, we have generated just under 26,000kWh, with the next 50+ days as being typically the highest production days of the year.

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